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“Hi, my name is Ricco Davis and I am CEO and Founder of ProMonetize, a data monetization and consulting firm that specializes in turning data into cash-flow producing assets.

Since 2007, I have been able to help many of my students and clients generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue, consistently producing 6 and even 7 figure months in many verticals from finance to health.”

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monetize (mon·e·tize): to convert into money

The World of Digital Marketing & Monetization is Changing

In this rapidly changing atmosphere of #hashtags, native advertising,
SEO, PPC, CPC, BYOB, etc., it can be hard to know where
you should focus your marketing efforts.

We believe in a solid email marketing foundation
for sustainability and media buying for large scale growth.

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By becoming a member of our exclusive club you’ll get insider access to what we call the Monetization Mastery System

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You are here because you are highly motivated and willing to do what it takes to significantly increase your traffic, leads, sales and profits as quickly as possible.

That’s why I would like to invite you to join the Monetization Lab, our exclusive and premium monthly training and membership program.

Inside the Lab you will learn monetization techniques and strategies that I guarantee will make a significant impact to your business.

Please understand before you join, however, that the information disclosed in the Monetization Lab is not for the faint of heart.

Only join if you are highly motivated to succeed, which I know you are (because you are here, reading this).

Marketing tips, concepts, methods and systems will come at you in rapid fire fashion each month, and will inject instant rocket-fuel into your business.

But it will be well worth it if you are committed to success.

In the Monetization Lab, you will learn how to build automatic & robotic marketing systems that actually finds leads, reels them in, sifts and sorts them and markets your offers, even while you sleep.

This is how your marketing system, if set up properly, can leverage your time 1,000-fold so that you can supercharge your lead flow, sales, and profits for your business.

This, in essence, is how to grow your business immediately and exponentially.

I call it the Monetization Mastery System.

And the results speak for themselves…

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What You Can Expect To Learn From The
Monetization Lab Monthly Membership

  • How to set up systems that will generate an avalanche of super-hot leads and sales automatically…
  • How to generate more leads, make more money from each lead, and do it almost effortlessly…
  • How to effectively tap into some of the largest traffic sources online to dominate your market…
  • The one simple step you can do right now to instantly increase your profit by up to 300%…
  • How to quickly build a large, targeted email list and monetize them…
  • How to systematically test and optimize your marketing campaigns and scale them like the pros…
  • How to capitalize on a strategy used by billion dollar hedge fund managers to lock in profits time and time again…
  • How to organize a small but lethal army of dedicated, loyal workers to build your business for you for pennies on the dollar…
  • The $500 marketing campaign exercise (this is a very valuable exercise to go through even if you’re a big Fortune 500 company)…
    And so much more!

Here’s What You Get Access To Inside The Monetization Lab:

ProMonetizer Monthly Newsletter

Get exclusive access to our premium monthly newsletter that is mailed directly to your home or office at the beginning of each month.

This is a physical newsletter that you can hold in your hands to read and learn the latest and most effective monetization strategies to significantly grow your business.

In addition to the physical newsletter, you will also get access to the PDF version as well.

Since 2013, this newsletter has literally been responsible for helping its readers create millions of dollars in revenue in their online businesses.

ProMonetizer Monthly Webinars

In addition to the monthly newsletter, you will also get exclusive access to our members-only training webinars where we go even deeper into that month’s monetization strategy discussions.

Get your questions answered live during the webinar, as well as have access to all past recordings.

Discount Event Pricing

As a member of the Monetization Lab, you will get members-only discount pricing to our events, meetups, and masterminds that we hold several times a year all over the world!

If you want to increase your level of success in the shortest period of time, the best way to do that is through networking. And our events, meetups, and masterminds have been responsible for bringing people together who have gone on to create 6 and 7-figure deals. Yes, it’s that powerful!

Monetization Lab Facebook Group

Interact with your fellow Monetization Lab members in our private Facebook group.

Meet new friends and potential future business partners!

We have some of the most successful online marketers in the industry within our elite club and you can have the opportunity to reach out to them within our private members-only group!

Disclaimer: Before joining our Monetization Lab monthly membership; it is imperative to understand that the information disclosed in the Monetization Lab is raw, unfiltered, and gets right to the point when it comes to teaching you how to make massive profits in the online marketing game.

If you are NOT truly ready to give your financial statement a profit-exploding boost of adrenaline, then this membership is not for you. However, if you are still reading this, please continue to find out how to start raking in the profits…

You’re still reading this because you are a money motivated individual who is ready and willing to do whatever needs to be done to explode your traffic, leads, sales, and profits as soon as possible.

Now, if the above statement describes you, I invite you to activate your exclusive, Monetization Lab monthly membership.

For just $97 per month you can get instant access to a powerhouse of specialized education that has resulted in tens of millions of dollars in revenue for those smart enough to put it work.

My private clients pay me $25,000 – $50,000+ to consult with them 1-on-1 about the same strategies that you’ll learn within the Monetization Lab.

If you think paying $97 per month is too expensive, then I challenge you to think how expensive it will be to your business by NOT getting access to training that could potentially add an additional $500,000 or more to your bottom line each year.

You can make excuses or make money, but it’s impossible to do both!

The Monetization Lab is an excuse-free zone…

Only results focused action-takers are allowed here…

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